Dr Sanda Da Re


INSERM Researcher (Chargé de recherché) in the Inserm UMR1092 unit at the Center of Biology and Research in Health of the University of Limoges


She obtained her PhD in Microbiology and Molecular Biology in 1997 at the University Paul Sabatier of Toulouse (France) studying the activation mechanism of a regulator of nitrogen fixation in a symbiotic bacterium, under the supervision of Dr D. KAHN. She had 3 post-doctoral experiences (University of Princeton, New-Jersey, USA, under the supervision of Pr J. STOCK; Pasteur Institute, Paris, France, under the supervision of Dr J.M. GHIGO and at the University of Limoges, France under the supervision of Pr M.C. PLOY). During her PhD and post-docs she was interested in various aspects of the bacterial microbiology from understanding and unraveling bacterial regulation pathways or mechanisms to studying bacterial interactions within biofilms as well as antibiotic resistance.

She was recruited as an Inserm Researcher in 2009 in the laboratory of Pr M.C. PLOY, UMR Inserm 1092 (Anti-infectious: Molecular supports of resistances and therapeutic innovations) belonging to the GEIST Institute of Limoges University. S. Da Re’s current research focuses on antibiotic stresses and acquisition of antibiotic resistance in biofilm and in vivo models using the integron model.


  • Member of the Supervisory Board
  • Partner organization hosting secondments on biofilm culture and evaluation of photosensitizers

Key publications:

  • The SOS response promotes qnrB quinolone-resistance determinant expression. Da Re S., Garnier F., Guérin E, Denis F. and Ploy M.C. (2009) EMBO Reports 10:929-33.
  • The SOS response controls integron recombination. Guérin E.*, Cambray G.*, Sanchez-Alberola N.*, Campoy S., Erill I., Da Re S., Gonzales-Zorn B., Barbé J., Ploy M.C. and Mazel D. (2009) Science 324:1034
  • Identification of Commensal Escherichia coli Genes Involved in Biofilm Resistance to Pathogen Colonization. Da Re S, Valle J, Charbonnel N, Beloin C, Latour-Lambert P, Faure P, Turlin E, Le Bouguénec C, Renauld-Mongénie G, Forestier C, Ghigo JM. (2013) PLoS One. 8(5):e61628. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0061628.
  • The stringent response promotes antibiotic resistance dissemination by regulating integron integrase expression in biofilms. Strugeon E., Tilloy v., Ploy MC, Da re S. (2016) MBio 7(4). pii: e00868-16.
  • Gene Expression in Class 2 Integrons Is SOS-Independent and Involves Two Pc Promoters. Jové T., Da Re S., Tabesse A., Gassama-Sow A. and Ploy MC. (2017) Frontiers in Microbiology 8:1499.
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant agreement n°764837