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 27 novembre 2020 


European Researcher’s Night

In Limoges, France [...]

Événements passés

Entrepreneurial School - Athens

provisional schedule coming soon [...]

Public conference

Interactive general public conference – Photodynamic therapy: an anti-cancer therapeutic alternative The University of Limoges is setting up a cycle of interactive public lectures. The first will deal with photodynamic therapy: an anti-cancer therapeutic alternative. It will be led by [...]

Mid-term report

Mid-term report of the project’s implementation and results. [...]

Supervisory Board meeting

In person supervisory board meeting [...]

PhD monitoring committee

Monitoring committee for all our PhD students [...]

Internal review - Amsterdam

Internal review of the project by the members of our International Advisory Board [...]

European Researchers Night

POLYTHEA will be present on September 27th in Limoges, for the European Researcher’s Night. Details and agenda: dossierpresseNECLimoges19 [...]

2019 ESP-IUPB World Congress

Several supervisors and PhD students will be present at the ESP-IUPB World Congress in Barcelona, from August 25th-30th. Complete programme available here: https://www.photobiology2019.org/ [...]

3rd Supervisory Board Meeting

On July 19th, after the intersectorial summer school. Schedule available soon [...]

Photodynamic Therapy Intersectorial School

Provisional Schedule and registration here The call for communication and registration to the Photodynamic Therapy Intersectorial Summer School is open! The Photodynamic Therapy Intersectorial School focuses on transferrable and specific skills, and will be held from July 15th to 19th, 2019 at [...]

17th IPA World Congress

Several supervisors and PhD students will be present at the 17th International Photodynamic Association World Congress in Boston, from June 28th to July 4th. Complete programme available here: https://www.ipaboston2019.org/ [...]

Europe Month - Joli Mois de l'Europe

Quelles réponses aux défis santé de l’Europe d’aujourd’hui? L’Europe aux côtés de l’université de Limoges et de ses chercheur.e.s Les territoires fêtent l’Europe à l’occasion du Joli mois de l’Europe. Venez découvrir les dernières recherches et [...]

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant agreement n°764837