January 2020
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Amsterdam meeting

The Supervisory Board, the International Advisory Board and the ESRs met in Amsterdam from December 16th to 18th, 2019. The programme was:
- internal review of the project by the IAB
- PhD monitoring committee for all the ESRs
- Supervisory Board meeting 


poster session

Poster session

All the ESRs were asked to present a poster for the International Advisory Board members on December 16th, in Amsterdam. It was the occasion for the ESRs to meet our external members, and for our experts to understand better the research projects and their results.



Our ESRs present themselves in short videos! Watch them on our YouTube channel: https://urlz.fr/bylQ or on the website on the link below 

Nidia & João

Nidia and João elected at the Supervisory Board

Nidia Maldonado-Carmona (ESR 7) and João Simões (ESR 4) have been elected to the Supervisory Board for 1 year. Their role is to represent the other ESRs and take part of the decisions linked to the implementation of the project. 

periodic table

ESRs periodic table

Our ESRs decided to shine a light on the periodic table of elements, to celebrate the international year of the periodic table. Each of them choose an element, and explained their composition, use and properties. The elements have been shared on social media, and will be used for events like European Researcher's Night or meeting with high school students. 

Find all the posters on the link below!



The first secondments for the ESRs started:
- Nidia Maldonado-Carmona (ESR 7) seconded in INSERM Unit 1092 in Limoges from May to August 2019
- Dáire Gibbons (ESR 3), Harry Sample (ESR 6) and Manuel Gallardo-Villagran (ESR 10) seconded in PorphyChem in July 2019
Nidia Maldonado-Carmona (ESR 7) seconded in Politechnika Wroclaswka in September 2019




Check out our new publications here!


ESRs posters and presentations


Upcoming Events Mid-term report - Febuary 29th, 2020 - Summer School - Greece - date to be determined


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