January 2021
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Happy New Year!!

The whole team wishes you a Happy New Year 2021!

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"From Academia to Industry" online Winter school

BIOEMTECH organized the entrepreneurial online Winter school from December 8th to 11th. It gathered 13 speakers for 14 lectures on different thematics linked to industry and entrepreneurship.

All the project ESRs and around 20 external students attended the event.

The flash presentations of our ESRs are available here: http://www.polythea.eu/media/

ESRs posters lockdown

ESRs lockdown posters

Right after the first lockdowns in Spring because of the covid-19 pandemic, our ESRs were asked to share their experience, and explain how they adapted their work to the situation.
Find out their interviews in a series of posters: http://www.polythea.eu/posters/ 


João and Piotr elected to the Supervisory Board

João (ESR 4) and Piotr (ESR 9) have been elected by the ESRs as their representatives to the Supervisory Board for the last year of the project. 



Even in lockdown, our ESRs and supervisors have been really active. Nine papers have been published in 2020! 

They are all accessible here: http://www.polythea.eu/publications/


REA video contest

Zoi (ESR 2), Bhavya (ESR 5), Harry (ESR 6) and Claire (ESR 8) participated to the Research Executive Agency (REA) video contest. The goal was to present their research and the project in a 15 sec clip. 

Their video was selected and posted on the REA twitter page!

The video is available on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ktqNwhUypTg



Due to the pandemic, most of the events organized in 2020 were held online

Extension request

Because of the lockdowns linked with the covid-19 pandemic, many of the ESRs need more time to finish their research and submit their thesis. 
The Supervisory Board has requested a 6-month extension to the Research Executive Agency, to allow the ESRs to submit meaningful and quality research project. The amendement request is ongoing. 


Upcoming Events Final Conference - Wroclaw - May 27th and 28th, 2021


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